Adult Autism Testing

Both Dr. Krauskopf and Dr. Salisbury provide this type of service.
This service will include a formal autism evaluation as well as a few additional components. It is important that we check for conditions that co-occur with autism so that we don’t miss an important part of your treatment plan. Autistics process the world differently than their allistic (non-autistic) peers. They have an individual style of speaking, communication, thinking, and emotional processing. Therefore, as part of this service, we will assess your intellectual skills as well as screening for symptoms of anxiety, OCD and ADHD. 

This service includes 3 appointments: 


During the intake session, the focus is on gathering information about your history and early childhood development. We will discuss your concerns, assessment goals, and the change you are hoping to see as a result of this process.


During the testing session we will conduct paper-and-pencil, communication-based, and computerized testing with you. All testing is standardized, which allows us to determine what your strengths and challenges are and what diagnosis best fits.


During the feedback session we will review the results of your testing and clearly outline your diagnostic picture. We will talk in-depth about each diagnosis (if there are multiple) so that you feel confident in understanding what it means and what to do about it.