How to get started…

We’ve designed a seamless to make it easy to get started. The enrollment process begins with an Enrollment Call. Once you’re ready to move forward, you’ll be directed to our Document Submission page, where you’ll find everything you need to submit your child’s enrollment documents. Last comes the Assessment phase, where tailor the process to meet the individual needs of each child.

What happens at the intake session?

This is a meeting for parents or caregivers only – your child should not be present. 

We will do a deep-dive into your child’s development and discuss:
– What your concerns are about your child
– What you’re struggling with in parenting them
– What your child strengths and weaknesses are
– What you are afraid will happen without support 
– What your goals are for the assessment
– What change you hope to see in your child
– What your favorite things are about your child

You will take home parent and teacher questionnaires that give us more information about your child in different contexts, such as home and school.

We will review any medical records or school intervention plans important for your child’s care and consult with other providers, such as therapists, pediatricians, or psychiatrists. 

What happens at the testing session?

You will bring your child in for 2-6 hours of testing, depending on their needs.

It is typical for us to break up testing into multiple sessions based on your child’s age, capabilities, or energy level and we save time in our schedules to do so.

You and your child will be introduced to the office and the expectations for the day.

Caregivers wait in a private waiting room as we do paper-and-pencil tests with your child in the room next door.

If your child is anxious, we are happy to have you in the room for a portion of the assessment.

We will take breaks from work sessions every 20-60 minutes depending on your child’s age to allow them to play, decompress, and visit with you. 

What happens at the feedback session?

We share the results of your child’s testing and discuss any diagnoses.

You will receive clear direction on next steps, including referrals to other providers.

After feedback, you will receive a written report detailing your child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the recommendations. 

The report is an important part of your child’s medical records and can be shared with school and other providers, such as therapists and pediatricians.

At your request, we will schedule a separate feedback session for your child or teen and believe this is an important part of their development and growth.