Is this process right for me?

We’ve designed a seamless to make it easy to get started. The enrollment process begins with an Enrollment Call. Once you’re ready to move forward, you’ll be directed to our Document Submission page, where you’ll find everything you need to submit your child’s enrollment documents. Last comes the Assessment phase, where tailor the process to meet the individual needs of each child.

Parents like you come to see us when these questions arise:
– How does my child think or view the world?
– What is their “processing style” or “learning style?”
– Why does my child feel and act the way they do?
– Is my child’s challenging behavior related to a skill deficit or is it “just what kids do?”
– What is going on with my child and how do I help them? 

Our assessments are scientific, evidence-based, and thorough. Goals of the process include:
– An accurate diagnosis, which grants access to services to help your child grow.
– Clear picture of strengths and abilities as well as challenges.
– Clear understanding of why your child is doing what they’re doing.
– Recommendations on where to go and who to see to help your child long-term.

Coaching on how to parent and relate to your child in a way that meets both of your needs.

We want you to leave feeling empowered and supported, with all of your questions answered.

We understand that this process is courageous and requires vulnerability.

You are letting us into your world and asking for help. 

We respect that and take our jobs seriously.